PingCrawl 2


This is a follow up to PingCrawl which you can read about in full detail there. PingCrawl v2 fixes some of the main issues people reported including:

  • php4 support
  • more shared hosting friendly
  • wp 2.7 / 2.8 support
  • better hook management
  • admin management
  • auto blogging support
  • seeding capability with manual override on custom tag
  • if no tags are present on the post to use the title for the blog query (fixed in 2.3)
  • feed protocol support for some shared hosting
  • fixed simplexml object error rss (fixed in 2.4)
  • integrity check to make sure all pingback links are unique and not re-used on other tags. (pending)

I am also planning out and building the admin interface to PingCrawl which should make this plugin more manageable.

Please leave all feedback, bugs – things that work well – things that don’t work well – and other comments in here. I will try to release the improved versions once a week for the next 3 weeks.

For those who are on php4 you will need the simplepie plugin, to use.

Download PingCrawl 2.08 (beta release)

Please note that the current build is in alpha. If you are using it, you need to unzip the directory into your plugins directory in WordPress. Then activate PingCrawl v2.

35 Responses to “PingCrawl 2”

  1. 1 ilkay

    i have a problem with v1 (amazing idea btw) – it posts similar articles after a post, 2 times, 3 times even 4 times,

    here is the outline:

    My Post,

    Similar Posts
    link A
    link B
    link C

    Similar Posts
    link A
    link B
    link C

    Similar Posts
    link A
    link B
    link C

    Why this is happening and how can i revise it?

    • This happens because the keywords (tags) are returning the same sites. I will add a integrity check on v2.. good idea.

  2. 3 ilkay

    But its happening like this:

    Similar Post
    keyword A
    link A
    link B

    Keyword B
    link C
    link D

    (and after that its repating)

    Similar Post
    keyword A
    link A
    link B

    Keyword B
    link C
    link D

    Similar Post
    keyword A
    link A
    link B

    Keyword B
    link C
    link D

    like this. its the problem. (thank you for replying me)

  3. 6 sergi

    i have a problem with v1………. when I created a post and select option ‘futured’ I will see (example on next day) two this same RELATED BLOGS links (35 and 35).
    Wher is the problem ?

  4. Gday Josh,

    I will be definitely keen to try your new pingcrawl v2.

    Iv never managed to get v1 working because the pingbacks never appear on my posts. Im hosted with hostgator so i presume it times out before it processes.

    Iv always kept an eye on yours and Elis blogs and read through the comments on pingcrawl to find a solution to my problem.

    That solution may just be v2. Very excited to try it out and review it.

    Email me at aaron(at)

    Thanks mate


  5. Josh,

    I’ve been waiting for this like a schoolgirl. I would LOVE to give this a shot. I have a database site that could rock the shit out this plug-in.

    Thanks in advance. I will gladly give you all the beta-feedback you could want 🙂

  6. 12 sergi


    My server dosn’t have Zend Optimizer

    Please make a uncrypt version

  7. 15 Stephen

    I tried to install it on one of my sites which is hosted on a free host. I get an error on the first line of decode.php when trying to activate the plugin.

  8. Does this work on WordPress MU?

    • I personally haven’t tested this. Do you mind trying it out and letting me know?

      • Yeah, it works when I put PC in the normal plugins directory and activate it.

        I thought I could just get it to work on all the blogs by default.

  9. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work. I’ve got 2.08 and tested it on a normal blog & MU.

    On the normal blog, the post got appended with tags but didn’t include links. On the MU blog it didn’t even append the post.

    Both were posted via xml-rpc.

    Also, on MU, it doesn’t show up as an installed plugin. I put it under the “mu-plugins” directory so it would be active for all blogs.

  10. Hey Josh,

    I know I promised you some feedback quite a while ago.

    I have got PC 2.2 installed on our WP DB site.

    The problem is, I have 400 records (that’s 400 pages) that I need ping crawled and it appears the pingcrawl only works upon posting.

    I think there needs to be some kind of button that says “ping crawl all my previous posts now.” That’s would be very helpful.

    Also, with this functionality, it would be VERY nice to be able to gradually increase your pingcrawls. So lets say at first I say “Add 1 trackbacklink per post,” but as my site becomes a little more established, I can go in and say “Add 2 trackback links per post.” Up to 3-5.

    That would be a very nice feature because it would allow us to really milk the linkbuilding potential of the plugin without nuking our sites straight into the sandbox.

    Thanks for you great work!

    • Grab the latest version from Ping Crawl 2 – it has an admin that you can configure somewhat. I’ll look into a # of PCs per post in the next release. Good idea.

      • Is PC 2 newer than 2.2? I dl’d 2.2 that you’ve been posting in this thread.

        Also, I’m not sure if I made it clear, but the crux of my idea was *retroactive* ping crawls. In other words, ping crawls for posts that are already up. That would be awesome.

      • Totally makes sense. Will take a decent effort, so I will add that to the list for the next major release.

  11. 26 kaps

    it gives me this error

    The response to the metaWeblog.newPost method received from the blog server was invalid:

    Invalid response document returned from XmlRpc server

    I’ll try the beta version if this one will work..

  12. It seems that version 2.08 Beta is working.. but i notice one thing.. everytime i edit using livewriter, the post will be duplicate. Can you solve this? Thanks

  13. 28 keyifle

    I’m using autoblogged at one of my blogs. PC Version 1 was working fine with it but i’m not able to make it work with PC V.208 . Is there a way to integrate PC to autoblogged?

  14. 29 enderz

    Hey there,

    First of all it is an ingenious plugin! The idea and the actual script.

    though, it doesn’t work for me (yet…), I have tried v2.02 & 2.2, both had the same result:
    1. it takes time to the post to be submitted
    2. after submition I get a 404 error and the page in the url is /post.php
    3. no links apear

    I use wp latest version.

    another issue, I discovered that using auto tags plugin wont work with PC, I think its because PC runs before the auto-tag-plugin…

    Any tips to run properly your f*cking inspiring plug???

  15. 30 wkd

    Well goto say this plugin when used right is very powerful, Thank you for making the effort to write and more importantly share this with the wider community although after following eli for a while now i understand why ^_^

    So down to some feedback:

    It does work in WP-MU however there are a 2 small issues.
    1. It seems to double post/pingback when used with scheduled posts
    2. It doesn’t activate for all Blogs, you need to activate it for each one

    It works with caffeinated content except with scheduled posts (Double posts/pingbacks) Works great with autoblogged and wp-o-matic

    Some tips to improve it (In my opinion)

    Extend the admin interface to include the following.
    1.Set the div class for the pingbacks (To help remove footprints)
    2.Set the “Related Blogs” tag to anything you want (To help remove footprints and also to theme it for the blog its being used on)
    3.List of blogs NOT to use when doing pingbacks (So you can make sure you dont pingback blogs that have complained or you wouldn’t want to pingback like your own blogs in a network)

    The first 2 are pretty easy and i have already done this, number 3 is a bit more complicated as i am sure you know.

    Regards WKD

  16. 31 Kathy

    This is a pretty badass idea for a plugin. The changelog at the top says it will use the post title in absence of tags… I think that would be better for me all of the time… or some way to implement that and/or maybe the post’s categories. For instance I just posted an article on wide receiver drills for youth football players (american football) for the site i admin… it is tagged as “offense” and that generated a pingback about the Baltimore Orioles (american pro baseball).. which isnt at all related. Obviously the fault is in my tag, but it’d be awesome if I could control what data the plugin is searching with and unbelievable if i had a chance to review (and eliminate certain unrelated ones) what trackbacks where going to get posted. Keep up the awesome work.

  17. 32 ivanjaquez

    Hi Josh! I’m using wordpress Mu. I have PC installed in mu-plugins folder and got this error when trying to save the settings on PC options page: “Error! Options page not found” . Any idea on how to fix this?

  18. Thank you very much,it’s helpful to me

  19. It would be a nice addition to permit the pinging of ‘pages’ too. Some of my wp sites that are exact purpose sites need this ability.

    I’ll be looking at the code, but do you believe it to be possible?



  20. 35 kevin

    Hey Josh & team,

    I’m just wondering if this plugin can be updated to include pages. Theres a page tags plugin already around so I’m sure its possible?

    Would be brilliant! I’m currently using the tweaked version (ping crawl turbo) you made for sean donahue but I realized it doesn’t work with pages yet.

    I use my blog with pages only for the added siloing features etc but I also have allowed for comments on them as well.

    Let me know what you think and any help is appreciated!


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