Automatic SEO Page Titles


We all do it. Keyword research, CTR analysis, etc and figure out our perfect keyword. Put it in the <title> – and watch. After enough data has been captured.. we repeat, adjust, etc. Eli on his SEO Blog wrote a blog about how to Automate SEO with Page Titles. This approach is very affective. So for all your WordPress lovers, I wrote a plugin that does this.. for you. You configure the trigger number, (how many keywords to log before the plugin kicks in) & the keyword delimiter  ( -, |, ::, etc.) and the plugin does the rest. It analyzes the keyword from the popular search engines, stores them and auto adjust the page titles based on the highest traffic generating keywords. I called it, Poly Title WordPress Plugin and put it on my new SEO Tools website.

Check it out.

5 Responses to “Automatic SEO Page Titles”

  1. Hi

    Turns out you were faster than me! 🙂 I read the same article, and discovered I had a plugin that already collected that information, so I simply added that functionality to the plugin:

    The update has not been released yet, as its still being tested externally, but from my own tests, the technique seems to be VERY powerful indeed.

  2. 2 josh fans

    nice plugin.. but will it have a conflicts with all in one seo plugin? btw pingcrawl working awesome for auto blogging

  3. 3 Chuck

    Looks like a cool plugin but why have it inject links from ?

    • It’s how I can support making more free plugins, there is an easy way to turn it off on It’s one line just comment it out.

  4. Hey Josh, just letting you know that is showing up a weird error? dosen´t let you see any of the plugins.. I´m using firefox..

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