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PingCrawl 2


This is a follow up to PingCrawl which you can read about in full detail there. PingCrawl v2 fixes some of the main issues people reported including: php4 support more shared hosting friendly wp 2.7 / 2.8 support better hook management admin management auto blogging support seeding capability with manual override on custom tag if […]

Doctrine adapter for Zend_Paginate

PingCrawl Version2 Can be found Here So, I was working with EliĀ about a cool & helpful plugin that we could develop & use for our projects and we { more he than I } came up with the idea of PingCrawl. Basically here is the simple theory of operation: Theory Of Operation The plugin will […]

So in my latest project I’ve been using Zend_Db_Table which is really nice for interfacing with a table, however it lends itself for a simple table structure which maps perfectly with your php/application model. I, however, do not have that luxury as I usually normalize my table structure. So one night, around 2am, I wrote […]

So my last post I showed a simple little form I had created for letting people create records. Let’s talk about something a little more useful this time. It is very common to want to include a login form, or if they have logged in, some user control bar on every page in your site/application. […]

ZF & Zend_Form


So I’ve been using ZF more and more, and have come across another reason Zend Framework is just superior imo. Zend Form! All developers have had the same issues with Forms, and keeping it a) reusable, b) clean, c) contained. Zend_Form does this all. At first it may seem a little confusing, especially if you […]

The Zend Framework team conducted a 2hour QA session earlier today, and I was only able to catch the first half of it and here are some of the key parts that I caught wind of I wanted to share with the rest of the world. Future of ZF The roadmap of ZF stretches far, […]