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So, I’ve started the new gig at Splash, a social media company, and I got to talk about my POV on Social & Search. ¬†Check it out:

We all do it. Keyword research, CTR analysis, etc and figure out our perfect keyword. Put it in the <title> – and watch. After enough data has been captured.. we repeat, adjust, etc. Eli on his SEO Blog¬†wrote a blog about how to Automate SEO with Page Titles. This approach is very affective. So for […]

PingCrawl 2


This is a follow up to PingCrawl which you can read about in full detail there. PingCrawl v2 fixes some of the main issues people reported including: php4 support more shared hosting friendly wp 2.7 / 2.8 support better hook management admin management auto blogging support seeding capability with manual override on custom tag if […]

Doctrine adapter for Zend_Paginate